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Newbie Guide

Welcome to Competitive TF2: A Beginner's Guide

Welcome to Competitive Team Fortress 2! Whether you're a seasoned player looking to delve into the competitive scene or a newcomer curious about the world of competitive TF2, this guide is here to help you get started.

What is Competitive TF2?

Competitive TF2 is a more organized and strategic version of the classic Team Fortress 2 gameplay. It involves team-based matches with a focus on specific roles, communication, and coordination. There are various formats, including 6v6 (6 players per team) and Highlander (9 players per team, one of each class).

Getting Started

1. Understanding the Basics

  • Learn the different classes and their roles.
  • Understand the basic game modes like Control Points (CP) and King of the Hill (KOTH).

2. MasterComfig

  • Install MasterComfig for the best TF2 performance and customization.

3. YouTube Guides

Death Merchant Academy
  • Guides by competitive player b4nny on gear setup and more.
Wild Rumpus
  • YouTuber focusing on Demoman gameplay.
Quee Quey
  • Guide for booking serveme servers.
  • Informative guides and POV videos.
  • Introduction to competitive TF2.
  • Competitive guides.
  • Guides by a competitive Medic for 6v6.
  • Guides to each class' role in Highlander.

4. League Guides


Competitive TF2 offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience. Dive into the world of organized team play, improve your skills, and have fun competing with and against other players.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Good luck, and see you on the battlefield!